multi-material technologies


For radical weight reduction

in transportation equipment


To realize
a low-carbon society


About ISMA

Innovative Structural Materials Association (ISMA) is an organization that was established to promote the development of technologies for achieving radical weight reduction in transportation equipment, particularly in automobiles.

Project Overview

ISMA is responsible for the NEDO commissioned project “Innovative Structural Materials R&D,” in which we promote higher performance in main structural materials and the development of multi-material technologies in an integrated manner with the aim of realizing radical weight reduction (one-half of current weight) in transportation equipment, particularly in automobiles. The aims of this project are to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by improving the fuel efficiency of transportation equipment, accelerate the popularization of next-generation automobiles, and strengthen the international competitiveness of Japan’s parts/materials industries and the automobile industry and other industries that use those parts and materials.

Research and Development

To realize multi-material structures and structural design, ISMA conducts R&D in the areas of “Development of Multi-Material Technology,” “Development of Innovative Welding and Joining Technology” and “Development of Measurement / Evaluation Technology.” R&D for the development of innovative materials includes “Development of Innovative Steel Sheets,” “Development of Innovative Magnesium Alloys,” “Development of Innovative Aluminum Alloys,” “Development of Innovative Titanium Alloys,” ” Development of Thermoplastic CFRP” and “Basic R&D for Carbon Fiber Innovation.”


Innovative Structural Materials Association(ISMA)

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